In a time in the world when so many need help, I love working with and supporting companies that give back. Each month, Unruh donates a table to a single mom - a cause near and dear to my heart. You can donate, buy a shirt to support and nominate a single mother on their website, here.

You can customize the size, wood and finish for each piece of furniture. Each piece comes with a lifetime warranty. The website is so easy to navigate and using the 3D view allows you to see every inch of your custom piece. We selected a few of our favorite pieces to style for each room in the home. Use our code shop.annielou at checkout!

Unruh Clydesdale Table | Unruh Breckenridge Bench | Black Bowl |

Gold Mirror | Tall Bamboo Glass Mosaic | Short Bamboo Glass Mosaic | Black Dining Chairs | Longhorn Framed Print | Rug | Chandelier

Unruh Clydesdale Bed | Chandelier | Abstract Framed Print |

Unruh Dufare Dresser | Lamp | Rug | Nightstand

Unruh Dunmire Desk | Geode Bookends | Abstract Framed Print | Chair | Rug | Plants | Floor Lamp

Magazine Side Table | Abstract Framed Prints |

Unruh Holloway Coffee Table | Floor Lamp | Chair | Velet Pillows

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