Anyone else sitting at home daydreaming about taking a vacation?! I sure am! Before long we will be back to our normal lives and able to travel freely again and with SO many sales going on, why not spend the extra time we have right now to online shop? Afterall, I feel like i've been saving so much money not eating out for every meal now. It's all about balance, right? I think so!

Although I love all of the products below, I think the one that stands out most to me is the "Mas Amor Por Favor Bag" from Designs that Donate, a company that donates a percentage of every purchase to the customer's charity of choice - what a cool concept!

Here's some items we can't wait to wear on our next vacation:

Gold Cuff Huggie Earrings | Straw Panama Sun Hat | Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses | Supergoop! Matte Screen Sunscreen SPF 40 | Supergoop! PLAY SPF 50 Sunscreen |

Mas Amor Por Favor Vacay Tote | Gorjana Capri Layered Necklace |

Slide Sandal | Cover-Up Maxi Dress

In the wise words of Tom Haverford, "treat yo self"! Let us know where your planning your next vacation to and what you think of our vacation picks!

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