Your bar cart is one of the areas in your home that can be ever changing. Depending on the celebration, season, or holiday you can always mix up your cart to match the aesthetic. However, there are several absolute staples to decorating your bar cart that will allow you to add dimension and color.

Of course, the cart you choose will be (obviously) the most important part. I think it's important to choose something neutral that will blend well in your home. Although, if your home decor style is bold, go bold!! It's all up to you and what you love! The first staple I add to my bar cart is cocktail books. There are multiple ways to style a cocktail book: you can either add one book and place a decorative object on top to add height or hold three unique books together with a bookend. Personally, I prefer the bookend! Next, I recommend adding a decorative bowl. West Elm, Crate & Barrel, and Wayfair are my to-go stores to find modern decorative objects. You can use the bowl by itself or place fruits, preferably lemons and limes in the bowl to add color during spring or small pumpkins during the fall. Then add a set of coasters that are not only practical, but add some style to your cart. The second most important item on your bar cart is, of course the liquor! I love finding unique bottles but sometimes that can be difficult and costly to try new products. So, I keep the basics such as Tito's and Aperol on the cart as well. Again, your cart should be practical and functional! To prevent your cart from looking overcrowded, I recommend adding a serving tray to place the liquor bottles on. Less is more when it comes to styling in my opinion. The last thing you want is a cluttered cart in the corner of the room to make the room seemed unfinished. Don't forget to add wine glasses, mule copper mugs, martini glasses, whatever you will use for your cocktails. Lastly, add the final touch with fresh flowers to give your cart life!

We've linked some of our recommendations below:

Cart | Cocktail Books | Decorative Bowls | Coasters | Tray | Glasses

Get creative and style your cart using these staple pieces and please tag us @shop.annielou in your pictures!