Anyone else in a workout rut due to quarantine? My early morning workout classes used to be my escape and the only unplugged time I had throughout the day. However, now I've had to make a new routine and schedule. I think it's so important to have time during the day to put your phone away and focus on yourself. I signed up for Peloton's 90 day free trial and I definitely recommend!! I love their strength classes. I'm hoping these workouts will get me through the quarantine and I'll come out stronger than ever.

I've linked my favorite at home workout products below:

1. Yoga Towel - I previously ordered this product from Amazon for my sculpt class and love it! It stays flat and keeps my mat from slipping. I love that I can throw it in the wash after my classes.

2. Dumbbell 5lb - Linked are the Tone It Up Dumbbells. I've followed the Tone It Up girls on Instagram for years. I love their positivity and authenticity. Give them a follow if you're looking for an online workout community!

3. Sports Bra - I bought this sports bra off Amazon. Although it's a bit heavy duty and firm, it's soft and super flexible. I do have a smaller chest, so I ordered a small and it fits perfectly!

4. Yoga Mat - After days of reviewing just about every yoga mat on Amazon, I found that this one has the best reviews - and I totally agree!

5. Kettle Bell 8lb - This Kettle Bell is available at Target and is from the Tone It Up line.

6. Yoga Pants - I bought these yoga pants on Amazon and they are great! The waist stays in place during my workouts and doesn't stretch out in the wash. Also, these have pockets!

7. Booty Bands - I love using booty bands, although I always am sore the next day! These bands are available at Target. Don't we all need matching dumbbells, kettle bell, and booty bands?! I think so!

8. Bala Bangles - these are my new OBESSION!! I couldn't recommend Bala Bangles enough. Use them by themselves or pair with weights, either way you will feel the burn.

9. New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v4 Running Shoes - I've owned these shoes for the past year and they are my favorite running shoes, it's almost time for new ones and I'm planning on reordering the same pair.

Tag @shop.annielou and show us your at home workout essentials!

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